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Charles Howard, MD

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Medical Federal Prison Experts

Whether you are Pre-Trial, Pre-Sentenced or Designated to a Prison facility, there are many unknowns that result in anxiety, especially if this is your first incarceration.  MedAvise Consultants, LLC can help assist with Navigating the maze of Medical Services at each phase of incarceration.  This includes what to expect, what services may or may not be available, how to communicate medical needs to Medical Staff at a facility, how to request designation to a specific type of facility, how to be sure you receive needed medications, and what to expect in an emergency.

From the Prosecutor perspective MedAvise Consultants, LLC can review any medical records and assist in understanding what are the detainee, or inmate’s medical needs and requirements.  MedAvise Consultants, LLC reviews all medical records Prior to, as well as since incarceration to help determine cause and effect, as well as level of responsibility for conditions and/or outcomes.


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